AFG is Committed to Supplier Diversity

Corporate responsibility is a crucial success factor for businesses and investors in the United States. AFG is a NMSDC certified minority-owned business. We can help reach your diversity spend qualifications and needs.

Supplier Diversity is a powerful display of your organization’s commitment to social corporate responsibility. That includes both the quality of products and services, and how companies conduct their operations. In today’s market, consumers look beyond the immediate benefits and require brands to share their positive values for the long-term social and environmental good. If your organization is willing to contribute to solving economic inequality, improving fair labor practices, and environmental responsibility, consumers will advocate for your business.

Key Differentiators:
  • Ability to finance all technology costs which include hardware, software, training, implementation, maintenance & SaaS model contracts
  • Rental agreements to meet the Fasb 13 changes that begin December 15, 2018.
  • Management team has over 100 years of combined experience in providing 3rd party financing from an independent privately held company.
  • Creative structures that provides solutions to every business’s unique situation.