Whether you are a large hospital, single practitioner launching a new practice, a multiple location treatment facility, or a veterinary clinic, AFG offers unique healthcare equipment financing solutions that match your business needs. Our experience providing Application Only, Deferred Payment Plans, Sale Leaseback Alternatives, Step-Up/Step-Down Payments, as well as Software and Soft Cost Financing, enables us to meet your unique goals in the healthcare sector.

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Healthcare Equipment Financing Solutions

  • Fixed Costs- Eliminating any inflation costs associated with the purchase.
  • Access to the latest technology- Medical technology is continually being updated. Leasing offers the flexibility to upgrade your healthcare equipment before it becomes obsolete.
  • Maintenance Expenses Covered Most medical equipment leasing companies are responsible for handling all equipment maintenance and repairs.
  • Cost Effective A down payment is not required, and payments can be customized to your business’ needs.
  • Operating & Capital Leases
  • 24 to 84-month terms
  • Term Loans, Sale & Lease Back
  • Master Leases – Up to $3M
  • Progress Payments & Project Financing

AFG finances all types of healthcare equipment. Fill in the form below and we will reach out shortly.

The IRS Section 179 Deduction allows you to take the depreciation deduction for equipment you buy or finance in its first year, rather than factoring in depreciation over a longer period of time. Visit http://apply.afg.com/section179calculator/ to calculate your tax deduction.

* Talk to your accountant, or tax advisor before making any decisions

Alliance Funding Group (AFG), was founded in 1998 and has grown to become one of the largest privately held equipment finance companies in the U.S. Having funded over $2 billion in equipment at similar rates to bank affiliated finance companies, we can offer complete credit and asset flexibility.

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