Financing through AFG offers some unique advantages to our customers:

  • With access to our financing options, your clients will make faster buying decisions. Can also help avoid the lengthy budget approval process. Instead of wading through follow-up calls to finalize your deals, you can get sales quickly and move on to new clients.
  • Customer can preserve working capital giving them more to spend on possible upsells.
  • Customer can preserve line of credit with his bank. Lines of credit are valuable that they can be used for anything. Using them for easily financed equipment depletes a valuable resource.
  • AFG offers terms that fit unique business needs. We can structure payment terms around what makes the most sense for the customers cash flow needs.
  • We understand the equipment better and as a result there will be less questions during the credit process which will result in a higher approval ratio and less back and forth with credit department.
  • Ability to upgrade the equipment during the lease term. With a bank that doesn’t have a relationship with this type of transaction can be very difficult. Many times a traditional bank may require you to pay off the entire loan.

AFG is here to help provide the tools to close more deals and offer a complete solution to your customers.