1. Leverage Your Client’s Trust

You’ve earned your customers’ trust throughout the sales process. Stand with them throughout the entire transaction: identify their needs, create solutions, select the right equipment, and arrange financing. Provide complete solutions to your customers’ needs by leveraging your position as their trusted advisor.

2. Keep Customers Focused on You

If you don’t offer financing, your customers may seek it elsewhere. When they break contact with you to shop around, you risk losing the sale – and all the time/resources you put into this client relationship. Avoid your competition taking your customers because they offer a complete package with financing.

3. Strengthen Client Relationships

Your customers are our customers –we’ll take excellent care of them! By giving your clients access to our affordable financing options, you’re helping them afford more of your equipment and increasing the chances they’ll move forward with the sale. By addressing your customers’ long-term needs, you’ll increase your chances of converting them into regular clients. Also, leasing gives you an opportunity to resell that customer at lease end when they may be ready to replace their equipment. It provides opportunities to leverage that into a new deal by forgiving lease or loan payment at lease end in return for new business.

4. Customize Your Marketing

Alliance Funding Group provides more than just fast, reliable funding. When you partner with us, we’ll help you tailor your communication strategies with custom web pages, flyers, finance application site pages, banner links, and more.

5. Industry Experience

We understand your business and your customers’ unique needs. Because we serve many market verticals, we can offer an unparalleled perspective on your customer’s financial operations. You can leverage our vast knowledge of equipment finance to outpace your competitors. Give your customers access to Alliance Financing Solutions’ wide array of financing plans. Give your clients a complete package of affordable options that make buying decisions easier and nurture long-term customer relationships.

6. Close Deals quickly and easily

With access to our financing options, your clients will make faster buying decisions. Can also help avoid the lengthy budget approval process. Instead of wading through follow-up calls to finalize your deals, you can get sales quickly and move on to new clients!

7. Preserve cash and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Financing allows your customers more flexibility in upgrading and replacing equipment as it becomes obsolete or cost-prohibitive. With our simple payment structure, customers can spread out their investments over time, retain their spending power, and have more to spend on future deals with your company.

9. Accelerate Your Cash Flow

We’ll pay you directly as soon as we get a Certificate of Acceptance. Instead of waiting months for your customers to pay. We offer payment terms up to 100% at the time of order. You’ll no longer need to negotiate payment terms with your customer.

10. Limit Your Risk Exposure

Once your customer is funding, you’re completely finished with the transaction and can focus on other accounts. We absorb all risks associated with client non-payment and default.

AFG is here to help provide the tools to close more deals and offer a complete solution to your customers.