• Retain client for repeat business
  • Strengthen client trust and relationships
  • Provide complete solutions for customers for equipment that will need to be replaced over time or for equipment where technology is changing rapidly
  • Ability to maintain your used equipment inventory without the hassle of trade-in negotiation for resale market, by knowing the cost upfront and timing of inventory
  • No obligation to buyback
  • Reduces needs for “blind-discounts” and vendor recourse agreements

Structured Lease

AFG has the ability to get difficult deals done that a traditional bank would pass on. Pre-revenue, startup, bankruptcies or poor financials with a good story can all get done through this program.

Typical Structure

  • 10-20% Security deposit
  • 24-36 month terms ideal but longer terms available on a case by case basis.
  • True lease structure
  • Rates starting as low as 7%

AFG is here to help provide the tools to close more deals and offer a complete solution to your customers.